About St Mary

St Mary Tampico is a Roman Catholic Church located in Tampico Illinois. We are part of the Rockford Diocese and in the Sterling Deanery. Our Pastor Rev Slawomir Zimodro is also Pastor of St Mary Morrison. Our parish was established in 1879. See the history tab for more information.

We are a small parish with many of the families tracing their roots back to the beginning. We currently have 50 registered families with about 25 to 30 people each week. The interior is beautiful with a marble altar. See the history tab for more information. Look at the state of the parish and financial report to see how we try and keep the parish vibrant. We cannot succeed without the generosity of past parishioners and families currently attending.

The current Mass is Sunday at 11:00 a.m. The organ still works and is used every Sunday. Come worship with us visitors are always welcome! If you are unable to make it to our Sunday Mass, check out catholicmasstime.org for an alternative church service!

Pastor / Deacon / Office

Rev Slawomir Zimodro

Pastor St Mary Tampico

(Pastor St Mary Morrison)

Pastor 815-772-4890

Deacon Bill Lemmer

Deacon Bill Lemmer


Office Info

Contact Joan Cooney

Office Email

Phone/Fax/Answering Machine 815-438-5425

105 N Benton Street PO Box 159

Tampico Il 61283

Other Resources

Church History

State of the Parish

Financial Statement

Cemetery Log (Coming Soon) 

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